The line of processed products branded “Sémina” was born with the purpose of preserving and adding value to the fresh produces we grow and gather every day in our farms and in a selection of other organic farms that share our same ethical principles on environmental sustainability.

All our products are organic certified and have the acknowledgement of the “Tuscia Viterbese” brand.

In the processing procedure we combine the wisdom of traditional and manual methods of production with high-quality technical machinery. As a result, our products (jams, fruit juices, vegetable preserves) maintain unaltered nutritious and taste.


Our jams are produced using fruit deriving from biological agriculture or from local producers when not directly available in our farms. Fruit is carefully selected and processed by hand; we don’t use industrial preservatives, thickeners and sweeteners but only organic cane sugar. The process of concentration and pasteurization takes place in a vacuum-packed system, so that we can stew fruit using lower temperatures than usual (we never rise above 80 degrees) in order to maintain unaltered fruit flavor and color.


Our main purpose is to recover the Italian traditional combination of flavors, typical of our gastronomic culture but, at the same time, we want to experiment new products in order to offer a line of salted creams and patés which can be used as hors-d’oeuvre and appetizers or, more simply, can be tasted on toasted bread. The main ingredients are all types of vegetables directly cultivated in our farm. To sour and preserve these ingredients, we add exclusively organic vinegar (extracted from wine or apples, strictly of Italian origin).
Bittersweet creams have indeed a different purpose of utilization, because they’re a result of unusual combinations of flavors, to be tasted in association with cheeses or as a topping for several types of food.


We have no special secrets to obtain these vegetables in oil so good and tasty: it’s enough to use high-quality ingredients that include not only fresh vegetables but also a good white vinegar, exclusively of Italian origin, and our organic extra virgin olive oil branded “Sémina” – selected by Gambero Rosso for the guide of Italy’s best olive oils 2019 and by Slow Food for “Extra virgin olive oil guide”.
Finally, we add some spices to emphasize the natural taste of vegetables, grown and daily picked in our farms.


Our fruit juices are produced using exclusively selected and organic fruit. They have a minimum pulp content of 50% and a low concentration of sugar added. Tasty and wealthy, they are recommended as a refreshing drink for kids and adults. Tasty and wealthy, they are recommended as a refreshing drink for kids and adults.


To produce this oil we use exclusively Tuscia olives, in particular some local varietes (caninese, frantoio, leccino, pendolino, moraiolo) that have reached the right peak of ripening. The harvesting process is partially mechanized and the grinding takes place in the same day.
Our organic oils are included in two national guides: “Oli d’Italia” published by Gambero Rosso and “Guida Oli Extravergini” published by Slowfood.