The social cooperative Fattorie Solidali was born in 2007 as the agricultural branch of the major cooperative Alicenova, a historical institution based in Viterbo and its province whose main business is represented by home care and social services. The strong connection among several elements such as social agriculture, sustainable tourism and personal services allows Fattorie Solidali to hold a leading position in the management of forefront productions.
In our organic social farms – “Fattoria di Alice” in Viterbo, “Fattoria sociale Ortostorto” in Montalto di Castro and “Fattoria Crocevia” in Nepi – the agricultural activities represent a valid mean to achieve social and lavorative inclusion of people belonging to the weak sectors of population (i.e. people suffering physical and mental disability or having pathological addictions). Moreover, our farms are active centers of several didactical activities and labs for every kind of students in the fields of environment and sustainable development.
Our farms cultivate and grow not only organic fruit and vegetables (BIOAGRICERT certified) but are also involved in the production of fresh eggs and evo oil. All these produces are distributed in our shops, local markets and solidarity buying groups (GAS). In addition to this, into the building of Fattoria di Alice there is a transformation lab to produce jams, marmalades and vegetable preserves made using directly our fresh produces and distributed under “Sémina” trademark.