The social cooperative Fattorie Solidali was born in 2007 as the agricultural branch of the major cooperative Alicenova, a historical institution based in Viterbo and its province whose main business is represented by home care and social services.

Fattoria di Alice

On the outskirts of the city of Viterbo, among olive trees, a vineyard, an orchard and two vegetable gardens, there is the “Fattoria di Alice”, a social and educational farm.


Just a short walk from the sea and a few kilometers from the town of Montalto di Castro there is “OrtoStorto”, a social and agritourism farm.


The story of the last born among the solidarity farms, the “Fattoria Crocevia” in Nepi, is a story of redemption.


Inside the farmhouse of the “Fattoria di Alice”, an agri-food processing workshop has been created to make jams, jams, picks with the company’s products, distributed under our brand Sémina.